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We can find the right art to bring your walls to life.

Maybe you've seen a picture somewhere that really speaks to you and you'd like to hang it on your wall. Or perhaps you're looking to evoke feeling of determination in your home office or a feeling of peace in your waiting room. If you're looking for the right art, even if you're not sure exactly what the right art is, McDonald Niklaus can help. 

Artists may take a picture or create a painting and sell that as an original piece of art. They often also sell reproductions of that art, known as prints, for people who did not have a chance to buy the original. If you've seen a picture or painting you like, there's a good chance we can help you locate a print of that artwork and frame it to match any room. We also know art, and even if you're not sure about what you want on your wall, we can help you find the right piece and get it ready for hanging. It's what we do.

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McDonald Niklaus Framing & Gifts is a full service custom frame shop & gift gallery that strives to bring the best, most unique framing to our customers. McDonald Niklaus also sells many amazing handcrafted gifts made locally and throughout the USA.

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