Have you heard about seasonal framing?

Have you heard about seasonal framing?

We obviously love holidays. And we’re big fans of decorating for them all! Having a festive house full of spooky spider candies, cornucopias of plenty or jolly Santas on every shelf help everyone in the family get into the holiday spirit, no matter the holiday.

But let’s say that you’re not so into excessive decorating, or maybe you really are and you’re running out of room! Well, we have an answer that some of our clients have been embracing. We call it seasonal framing. They take the normal artwork spaces in their home, places with a nice painting or a keepsake shadowbox, and temporarily replace it with something more seasonal. Sometimes, like with this winter train scene, it’s an obviously seasonal image. Other times we frame up more standard images with extra bold frames and mats that can hold their own amongst other bright holiday decorations, or maybe even softer pastels that fit in better during the spring and summer.

Julie would love to help you out!

The idea is that instead of having to settle on a single “feel” for a room that fits all seasons, you can adjust the artwork and decorations seasonally to fit the seasons. A light, airy summer look and a warmer “nesting” winter feel that embraces the indoor time we end up with during so much of Ohio’s winter. If you’re looking for some new design directions, our resident interior designer, Julie, would be happy to come over to your home or business and help figure out how you can incorporate “seasonal framing” into your yearly routine!

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IMG_20150710_133725440"We love these silhouettes, Jody. The process was so easy and they ended up looking exactly like our boys. We now have them hanging in our bedroom. This was our first experience with a custom framing shop and the quality is just unbelievable. And being able to look at and tweak every detail was awesome. Thanks again, Jody." -Missy L

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