The Wedding Shadowbox

The Wedding Shadowbox

You may have heard us talk about our new line of shadowboxes. Shadowboxes have always been a popular item here at the shop, but we’ve been making some changes to make them even more accessible. The materials and time involved in creating a custom shadowbox have always meant that they’re a little more on the pricey side. Now, of course, they also provide a great value by preserving and displaying important family heirlooms and keepsakes in a stylish and attractive case. But we’ve always wanted to make them even better.

We’ve starting carrying a line of pre-assembled shadowboxes that we can customize on demand. This shortens the lead time required to make a nice piece, but it also helps provide a lower entry point into the world of custom shadowboxes. One of our favorite new lines that this has opened up for us is in wedding gifts. We’ve been able to take wedding invitations and photos of the couple and create a keepsake that you can present to the couple at the wedding. It makes a nice alternative to buying from the wedding register when that just doesn’t feel personal enough. And with these pre-assembled shadowboxes, we can do it at a cost that won’t leave you broke after wedding season!

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IMG_20150710_133725440"We love these silhouettes, Jody. The process was so easy and they ended up looking exactly like our boys. We now have them hanging in our bedroom. This was our first experience with a custom framing shop and the quality is just unbelievable. And being able to look at and tweak every detail was awesome. Thanks again, Jody." -Missy L

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